Bikes & Badges: Motorcycles of the Police and Military

On exhibit through February 17, 2002

Motorcycles made for law enforcement and for the military are featured in "Bikes & Badges." The motorcycles, manufactured from the 1920s until the present, have been borrowed from private collections throughout Southern California by M. F. Egan. Egan is the owner of M.F. Egan Vintage Motorcycles in Santa Paula.

Visitors to the exhibit will see vintage World War II Harleys fully outfitted for duty, and others retooled for after-war use. One of the olive drab Harleys sports a front-wheel mounted machine gun and another has an original sidecar rig. Two other 1941 Harleys on display were "civilianized" after the war. Brilliant custom paint, valenced touring fenders and lots of custom chrome have been added to the motorcycles.

A rare Simplex Servi-Cycle, light weight enough to be dropped by parachute behind enemy lines, shows another development in military motorcycles. A 1980 Armstrong MT500 motorcycle, designed by off-road riding specialists, shows the contemporary direction of military motorcycle design. Hard-working police motorcycles are also featured in "Bikes & Badges." The oldest is a 1928 Harley, complete with its original tool box, first aid kit and "receive-only," luggage rack-mounted radio. Other Harley police mounts include a 1937 UL-74 and a 1954 FL-74. The 1954 motorcycle was manufactured during Harley's 50th anniversary year and sports a fender medallion noting the fact. A 1969 Honda CB750 completes the display.

Military and police gear, badges, vintage motorcycle photographs, motorcycle memorabilia, and the Santa Paula Police Department's original neon sign complete the exhibit.









Harley Cycle


Military Cycles



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