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Dangerous Deadly Snakes
September 7 through January 11, 2014

Slimy, slithering snakes-- some of the most venomous snakes in the world will be on exhibit at the California Oil Museum. You will view life size reproductions of five of the most venomous snakes including the King Cobra and the Black Mamba, while learning about where they live, what they eat, their behavior and venom. Did you know that the venom from one bite of an Inland Taipan is enough to kill 100 men? A deadly snake exhibit wouldn’t be complete without a life size reproduction of the largest snake in the world, the Green Anaconda. Come and see this exciting new exhibit opening September 7.

And don’t be afraid-- there are no real snakes in this exhibit!
Few animals strike as much fear into people as venomous snakes. Although the chances of running into a venomous snake, much less being bitten and dying from the toxin injected into one's body, are miniscule compared to dying from cancer, heart disease, or an automobile accident, this seemingly unreasonable fear remains very real for many people. The snakes described here live primarily in tropical regions, but some might be living in research centers and zoos near you.

In recent years scientists are finding that some snake populations are declining. Their habitats are being destroyed and too many of them are captured for food and the pet trade and sometimes new animals that are introduced into snake habitats either hunt the snakes or eat their food. If snakes were to disappear, there could be huge increase in the population of their prey—from insects to mice. Scientists are concerned that people don’t understand how vital snakes are to the health of our environment. All these factors make it more important now than ever for people to learn all they can about snakes.

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