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EGGStraordinary EGGSibit:
A Fascinating Collection of Bird Eggs from Ventura County

March 15, 2014 - June 15, 2014

Egg Activities for the family from 10am to 2pm

Which came first? You may not be able to answer that question after you visit, but you will be amazed at the collection of eggs shown in this exhibit at the California Oil Museum. Borrowed from the vast collection at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, this exhibit focuses on Ventura County bird eggs and the habitat in which they are hatched. Explore the unique beauty of the eggs while you learn about the fascinating world of birds. Opening day will have exciting egg activities for the entire family, such as how to blow out an egg, and professional bird watchers that will inspire you to become a bird enthusiast! The California Oil Museum is located at 1001 E. Main Street.


Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for seniors, $1 for students 6-17, free to members and children 5 and under. The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 4pm. For more information call 805-933-0076.

So what is it about eggs and nests that called out to both professional and amateur ornithologists alike, inspiring them to spend large amounts of time in the field collecting the materials and endless hours organizing them in museums, despite the risk of going into debt, alienating their friends and family, and even losing their lives? The answers lie not only in the nature of old-time bird collectors, people who loved to amass rare, unique, and common specimens alike, but also in the nature of early ecologists, people with the passion for the natural world who found answers to questions about natural history and evolution in the shapes, colors, patterns, clutch sizes, and distributions of the eggs and nests of the world’s birds. The answers lie, too, in the nature of the eggs and nests themselves- beautiful, fragile, unique, useful, and marvelous to behold!

For more information about the museum call 805-933-0076.


Yewa eggs.


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Yellow Warbler.

Peregrine Falcon eggs.

Loggerhead Shrike eggs.




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